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Question about oil

January 26 2012 at 8:38 PM
  (Login shadowfox1)

Ok I got my gun in Nov. And I shoot it alot. When I first started airgunning again I ask on the fourm about oil and lube. It's a Gamo springer. The question is where do I put what oil and where to use what lube? Any help would be great.

Some people call it a Kaiser blade,,, I call it a Sling blade. ummhmm

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(Login daved20319)

Since on one else has an answer...

January 27 2012, 1:24 PM 

I'll pass along what I've learned over the last several years. First, NEVER introduce ANY kind of oil into the compression tube through the transfer port. Just in case you're not familiar with air gun terminology, the transfer port is the small hole behind the pellet that the air goes through to launch the pellet. The reason for this is something called detonation. The pressure spike created by a springer creates enough heat to ignite any oil in there. This is bad for several reasons, at best, it screws up accuracy, at worst, it can damage your rifle. About the only use for oil in a springer is at the pivot bolt on a break barrel, and then you use just a tiny amount.

To effectively and properly lubricate a springer really requires taking it apart. If you bought your Gamo in November, taking it apart would void your warranty. Or do they have a "lifetime" warranty? Most of us don't care, because the improvement in almost everything from a basic lube/tune is worth it happy.gif. But you do need to be at least moderately mechanically inclined, and there are some additional tools and materials required. Do a search on tuning for more info than you would ever want happy.gif.

If you're not comfortable taking your rifle apart, you CAN do what's call a slot lube. That consists of pulling the action out of the stock, and putting some moly grease or heavy tar on the spring through the cocking slot. Don't get carried away here, this is definitely a case where less is more. A VERY thin coating is all that's needed or wanted. It's not something I consider very effective, but others have said it can help, so there you go. Moly and tar are available here:http://www.airguns.citymax.com/page/page/251327.htm Look under lubricants.

The other option is to have it tuned by a pro, but that will probably cost as much or more than the rifle did. Up to you whether it's worth it or not, but most think it is, even on less expensive rifles like a Gamo. BTW, even high end springers frequently need a tune-up, and almost any of then at least benefit from one. Hope that was some help, later.


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(Login shadowfox1)

Thanks Dave

January 28 2012, 12:32 AM 

I'm pretty machanically inclined I think I might give it a go myself. If I run in to a problem I saw in a earlier post about a smith not to far from my house. And then again I may just let him do it.

Some people call it a Kaiser blade,,, I call it a Sling blade. ummhmm

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(Login Andrei917)

Re: Question about oil

July 22 2012, 6:24 PM 

First I need to say that I'm not 100% sure but:

If you got something like moly paste or some grease that has some kind of graphite powder on it, put a little bit on the piston seal, a little bit is = the minimum possible.

The "heavy" grease goes on the spring, put some of this grease in the whole spring.

The "normal" grease goes on the moving parts like the cocking lever and pivot points.

Also I put some oil on the outside to prevent rust, after every shooting session. It looks like engine oil, but made for guns, I don't know any brand from US.

Never put these things inside the barrel or chamber, it will make a lot of "diesel".

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