My worse fears: Dying for ever for whatever reason or not wanting to live again.

I have a transhumanist wish of living for hundreds of years to see humanity changing- Poetry

Life eternal with promises of heaven doesn’t fulfil me. I’d like to climb Mount Everest visit the Chinese wall and go to Peru. I dream of taking the space Shuttle and seeing earth from space As well as landing on the moon. So many things I want to do, but don’t have time Why couldn’t we live longer? Polar bears hibernate and some other animals do in this world. I wish we could suspend time or lengthen life until we attain immortality. I have a Trans humanist wish of living for hundreds of years to see humanity changing. Why do we have to die? We must stop this abomination affecting all of our generations.
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My worse fears: Feeding hungry worms with my remains or sending them to the four winds.