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The Frugalista Files

WELCOME TO THE FRUGALISTA FILES! This is the original Frugalista Files, established May 23, 2006 (we've been together, under different names, since the mid-1990s). We are an international community of old and new friends with common interests in frugality, debt reduction, personal finance, simplicity and simple living. We also welcome posts on related subjects, including recipes and homemaking, do-it-yourself, travel, kids, pets, homesteading and gardening. Anyone may read or post on this forum. Flames and other activity detrimental to the board will not be tolerated. Junk will be deleted upon discovery. The forum owner reserves the right to lock threads and/or restrict posting to registered users only. Click on Create an Account and follow the instructions to become a member. Applicants using proxy servers will be automatically rejected. When posting a lengthy URL within a message, please convert the link to a TinyURL. This helps limit the width of the viewing page. For TinyURL information and instructions, click on the link at the top of this page to go to the Archives. DEDICATED TO THE MEMORIES OF TX2, PENNY IN OH, PENNY IN FLORIDA AND OTHERS THAT HAVE LEFT US TOO SOON. REST IN PEACE, DEAR FRIENDS.
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