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$30 a week grocery Book revisted... /Food Budgeting....

November 17 2010 at 4:01 AM

sheila  (Login SheilaPCT)
The Frugalista Files

Well my budget is about to take another hit... (yeah.... : ( so I have been thinking once again back to the $30 a week grocery book by Donna McKenna... a while back I think we decided we could do her plan, in todays money for about $50 a week... or maybe $60 if we up the veggies and fruits a bit- an area most of us commented we felt was a little light on her plan... but that was before this most recent round of inflation, if memory serves...

I think I have been spending about $70 a week (including the value of the WIC stuff my daughter gets). DDs WIC ends next month, she is turning 5, so that is almost over. I have been stock piling the stuff- milk- cheese, bread, peanut butter and freezing what I can't use right away... So that will carry me for a little while.

I guess I am just hoping to hold it at $70 a week,or better yet, see if I can get it to $60 a week... and yes, that does include toiletries, what paper goods I buy and some convenience foods.

Anyone else trying to follow this kind of eating plan/budget? I am feeding me (one adult with some dietary restriction),a 9 year old boy who has recently developed quite an appetite but who has sensory issues and can't eat any "gooey stuff"... and a 5 year old, rather picky girl who just LOVES fresh fruit...

Of course I buy meat/fruit/veggies all on sale... soon-to-be X and I decided to renew the Costco membership together a while back so that is done and paid for and I buy toilet paper there (also worth the membershop for glasses for me) and a few other things. I am trying to use more beans. I'm starting to use TVP again... My kids do not like sprouts so I am not sprouting these days. I shop Aldi and have found they are better priced than Angel Food- at least for me and what we eat...

Any thoughts, comments? How is your food budget looking these days?

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