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It's December! Updates, please!

December 1 2010 at 6:03 AM
Maxine  (Premier Login MaxineS)

I've noticed a lot of changes among us over the past couple of months, and a few longtime posters have gone MIA (mostly, not entirely). Let's update each other on what we've been up to. Lurkers, we'd love to hear from you, too!

Edited: Weather-wise, Spokane set a record for November snowfall, and more snow is on the way. There was a total of 25.9 inches of snow in November, breaking the record of 24.7 inches set in 1955. (We got about the same amount here in the Idaho panhandle). This is a "more snow than usual" La Nina year, and we always do get some snowfall in November--but not usually like this! It's hard to tell how much I've got on the ground because of drifting, but I'd estimate a foot and a half or so. We had an Arctic front come through here a week or so again and it went down below zero for a couple of days. I'm putting the flannel sheets on the bed today.

The house is coming right along. Mike and I painted the interior--still have one room to go. Still no bathrooms--the lady who runs the motel keeps #14 unlocked in case I need it, LOL. The cedar ceiling is in the living room and it is spectacular! The laminate floor is in throughout (we paid .79 sq. ft. for it). The electrician is finishing up this week. About half of my light fixtures were bought at yard sales and Habitat, a couple were given to me, and most of the rest were bought for cheap--usually REAL cheap on clearance. I got good deals on a Hotpoint gas range and Maytag refrigerator, both Consumer Reports Best Buys. The gas fireplace that's going to heat the place is going in next week. The propane tank is in. Mike is set to begin installing the kitchen cabinets, but we've been delayed a couple of days because of the snow (we can get plumbing after the kitchen is in). About the only thing we have left to buy is a water heater. They do sand and plow our street (the city snowplow is a blade on the front of a one-ton pickup). Didn't make our goal of cooking Thanksgiving dinner there, but we are close.

Mike and I have made a concerted effort (OK, I've made the effort, LOL) to expand our circle of friendships in the 4-1/2 years since he retired. This means we actually have some Christmas events on our calendar. This weekend we are going to see "White Christmas," the play, with 3 other friends. I've also been introduced around in Harrison--met half the town at the Three Old Broads Get Ready for Christmas and Three Old Broads Do it Again sales a week or two ago. Still playing pinochle every Wednesday.

StaceyK got a buddy pass from one of her airline friends and visited for a couple of days early in the month. I think I'm the only person she knows who is served by that airline, LOL. She brushed the finish on the shingle trim on the front of the house. Always good to see ya, kid! (it had been 3 years).

I've been writing a weekly piece for Food Stamps Cooking Club. It's my goal to teach everyone to cook from scratch! Then maybe they'd come to my place and cook a few meals, LOL.

That's it from me--what's new with you?

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