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My health is good. Was I sick? LOL

December 17 2010 at 10:29 PM
Draggy  (Login Dragoness1975)
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Response to Yowsers Draggy!

I did have gall bladder surgery after having Michael. Other than the flu here and there I am good. knock on wood
We did decide to diet before our health was effected. I mean the normal out of breath after a few flights of stairs. I might end up doing that after I lose weight! LOL
I decided to get IUD for pregnancy prevention. Not that I am opposed to another. Mainly dont want to be 8 months along and have the Disney trip canceled for the other kids. That happened with Michael. We had a big week planned in Gatlinburg TN. Had to cancel and save my vacation days for maternity leave.
The whole lawyer thing makes me so mad. We received a letter today saying that everything was going to move forward as planned but said in the letter that I purposely hid the inheritance from the lawyer and trustee. In our 321 meeting were you swear in and speak to the trustee I told them both then. Its on recording! I would never have signed it over if the B lawyer didnt give the estate lwayer permission. I told the estate lawyer that I would not sign anything that would mess up my bankruptcy. She called got permission so I signed. She is willing to back me up. The b. lawyer is saying we are both liars. I am really not sure what we can do. We are going to talk to another lawyer but we are kinda over a barrel. Oh and the trustee and our b. lawyer were pal-ing(sp) around at the 321 meeting talking about trips they have went on together and stuff. Its such a bad situation already. We were stressed and he swooped in promising to help. jerk.
As long as we make all of our payments things will go along. I understand why people hate lawyers.

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