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Some ideas

January 4 2011 at 8:39 PM
Tammy L  (Login TammyL)

Response to revisiting the past: please share (again) lowest-cost low-carb foods and recipes!

Check out this thread in the recipe archives. It might give you some ideas too.

Here are some ideas off the top of my head. I know NOTHING about gluten free so here are my low carb ideas.

--spaghetti--use 'noodles' made out of shredded cabbage, zucchini or spaghetti squash for the low carb version
--meatloaf--made with some shredded cheese thrown in instead of bread crumbs
--ground beef mixed with Rotel (canned tomatoes and chilis). If you can eat it, this is great with some cream chees mixed in.
--chicken shredded with Rotel and cream cheese
--tuna salad
--chicken salad
--pizza in a bowl--melt cheese and pepperoni (I don't even use sauce and don't miss it)
--bologna (fry it for a better flavor) It isn't something to eat all the time but it is cheap.
--hot dogs
--taco salad without the chips
--taco meat with a good serving of sour cream and a little salsa on top
--hamburger without the bun (serve with ketchup, mustard and pickle)
--hamburger steak
--grilled chicken
--baked chicken
--chicken shredded with taco seasoning
--omelet with any leftover meat and veggies
--quiche (seems less 'eggy' tasting to me) (**edited this post to say....crustless for low carb! LOL)
--sausage and eggs
--chili made with less beans and more ground meat
--chicken soup made with lots of meat and some veggies (no noodles)
--beef soup with no noodles or rice
--enchiladas made with thin sliced turkey or ham for the tortilla(I use the WalMart brand for this)
--lasagna made with no noodles (I use George Stella's recipe that is named Meat Lasagna) Basically it is double the meat (2 lbs), put it and the sauce on the bottom, put cottage cheese mixed with some shredded mozarella and an egg in the middle and then top with a generous helping of mozarella cheese on top. If you let it sit for a few minutes before cutting, it sets up better and you don't miss the noodles.
--stir fry
--chicken with pizza sauce and cheese over it

Don't forget low carb veggies:
carrots (I use them even though they are a little higher carb)
green beans (I rarely eat them any way but roasted)
squash (I eat summer squash (the yellow squash) all the time
tomatoes (aren't the lowest carb but I use them sparingly)
brussel sprouts if you like them
cilantro--not a veggie but it is wonderful to add fresh cilantro to the top a taco salad
green peppers
onions (I use them sparingly)
cabbage--wonderful sautee'd in butter, wonderful in stir fry, good in soup, great to use shredded and cooked for noodles, good just boiled in water and salt (you get the point) happy.gif I love cabbage! Don't forget coleslaw too.

Here is a site I've given you before but it is worth repeating.


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