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Yesterday was a good day.

March 16 2011 at 9:23 AM
Christine  (Login stina716)
The Frugalista Files

there was some found money (i posted to the found money thread)

Our taxes were filed and we'll get our refund in 10 days (hopefully - they may have nutzed up the account # - dh is checking with the bank if the leading zero is that important)

And best of all.... DH got a job. a PAYING job. I don't know how much he'll like it bc all he's gonna be doing is fielding complaints, but working for our congressman is pretty much the POINT to his last two and a half years of practically full time volunteerism.

He's pleased as a pig in, well; you know.

And the pay.... a couple months ago when this was a pipe dream, i looked up what this job pays. It's different for every congressman - they set up their offices differently and the job titles and responsibilities really vary from office to office, but we had an idea that after daycare it'd be equal or just under his take home on unemployment. The figure they offered told him was quite a bit better than that.

IF he were'nt entitled to the unemployment extension (which we don't know for sure he would have been) his UI would run out 04-01. He starts the job next tuesday.

We finally sat down with the tuition figures for next year. What this job means is a continued income for dh through at least jan 2013 (pending if our guy's re-elected); instead of dec 2011 (when the unemployment extension would end IF he were even entitled to it) it gives us almost two years to pay down cc debt to the point that if he DID lose the job (though there'd be unemployment) we'd have a big enough dent in the cc payments to cover the increases in tuition. What the job does NOT mean is that we can stop clipping coupons or cutting dryer sheets in half, and we've discussed that at length to be sure neither of us suddenly thinks we can buy lunch!

Of course sometime in the next week or two one or both cars will die - becasue that's how things work in our world - but we'll just deal with that crap as it comes!

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