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Frequent flyer tickets!

March 21 2011 at 1:52 PM
Maxine  (Premier Login MaxineS)

I just booked award travel for 3 people to Costa Rica next winter! Spokane to San Jose, Costa Rica for only 35,000 miles per ticket! People complain that they can't get award travel for the lowest number of miles. Well, yeah, if you wait until the last minute. But most airlines book 331 days out, and the early bird gets the worm. The longer you wait, the less the chance of getting a seat, let alone a cheap seat, let alone multiple cheap seats. I have ALWAYS managed to get cheap seats (lowest number of miles) for tickets to Australia, 4 times to Europe and now Costa Rica, usually booking 10-12 months out. I always know a year in advance where I want to go next--and always need that much time to save up $$$ for the trip, anyway.

We are planning to take an escorted tour through the jungle, rain/cloud forests, volcanoes and beaches, then stay at the beach for 3-4 days at the end of the tour. Can't resist a beach in February!

PPS Tickets are on American. I got ALL of these miles, and then some, from credit card bonuses--100,000 bonus miles per card for Visa and Amex accounts for both DH and myself. (400,000 miles!). Had to charge $10,000 on each card, but not hard when you are building a house! But also used for EVERYTHING else. CC miles do add up, but it only works if you pay in full each month. Now if I could just afford to use the rest of them.....

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