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Who to file with

April 10 2011 at 12:15 PM
Stacey  (Login Stacey_K)
The Frugalista Files

If you get hit, and it's your word against theirs, no witness and no report, whose insurance co would you file with and why? We were both adamant that it was the other person's fault. They have already started the claim process with their insurance co, and called and gave me the claim number.

I'm leaning towards working with my insurance co in-case the other decides to go after me, but my insurance co is apparently closed on the weekends. I can only get voice mail and 'please leave a message, go visit our website, or call back during normal business hours'. I don't think there was any damage to her vehicle, but I also didn't look real close. Should have, I know. Too late now. Unless I want to go stalking the street this evening to see if I see it parked on the road. They live in the same condo complex I do, oddly enough.

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