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Drats! Turbo Tax got me again!

April 16 2011 at 12:32 PM
BethannM  (Login BethannM)

We pay an accountant to do our annual taxes. With the farm and the milk business, it has been well worth the annual fee to get the refund that we do. But I've always done the kids' myself.

I remember last year using Turbo Tax and finding out there was a fee to file the state taxes, but had already gone through the motions and got stuck with it. But somehow, they still got me good this year. I feel so badly about it, I may just pay it out of my pocket instead of making my dd pay it. She did some nannying last summer. I guess the lady was supposed to issue her a 1099-misc., but she didn't. Anyway, because she was basically self-employed, I ended up with a more expensive turbo tax bill. So frustrating. My girls have investment income, so they can't do a 1040EZ. It ended up costing my dd $5 in taxes owed and $89.95 to TurboTax! GRRRR!

I did realize my error before I did the other girl's taxes, though. I was able to do hers on the free turbo tax program, and then I skipped the state stuff and went straight to Indiana's state website and filed her state taxes for free. She's getting $5 back from the fed and $34 back from the state. Thank goodness I figured that out!

I feel so badly for my other daughter! She turned down the opportunity to nanny again this summer. She cleared less than half of the income by the time you figure the SS tax and the gas mileage (which I did claim!)

Live and learn. I made myself notes so I remember what to do next year for the girls!


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