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Let's brainstorm ways to save electricity

May 14 2011 at 8:55 PM
Maxine  (Premier Login MaxineS)

I know we've done this before...but it's been awhile. What works and what doesn't?

I've hung most of my wash for the past two days--and I've got a LOT of laundry to catch up on. Besides saving electricity, this allows me to get a lot more done, since the dryer takes longer than the washer. Today has been VERY windy--good for line drying, and made me wish for a windmill!

We have been turning the water heater off when we are not at the cabin. We don't even turn it on unless we anticipate the need for more hot water than I can reasonably heat on the stove. Does anyone have their w/h on a timer, and how do you use it and like it?

We are going to be gone most of next week and intend to turn off the heat/ac and water heater while we are gone. I wish I remembered to do this every time.

Very disappointed with CFLs. They were supposed to last forever, but about half of them don't last much (if any) longer than incandescents.

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