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Trashpicked "find"

May 20 2011 at 1:03 PM
Maxine  (Premier Login MaxineS)


Let me preface this by saying that I rarely trashpick, because I never see anything worth taking. However, I was driving down the street today and noticed what appeared to be a red wool blanket on top of a garbage can waiting for pick-up. (Don't ask me how I can spot wool blankets from a mile away, but I can). I made a mental note to stop on my way home, then it occurred to me--what if the garbage truck comes first??? So I made a U-turn, went back, and grabbed the blanket. A quick look told me there was at least one hole in it.

So, what did I get? Only a genuine red Hudson's Bay 3-1/2 point (twin) blanket with one small hole in the middle! New, they sell for $250-$350 each!! This one isn't in perfect condition, but it ain't bad. I'll get Mary to darn the hole for me when she is up here next month to help me make curtains. Originally, I thought we'd have to patch it...but it is small enough to darn, and I even have the bright red darning yarn.

Now, make of this what you will: yesterday I passed on going to the Pendleton Woolen Mills outlet to look at blankets because I couldn't afford to buy. Today I found one that's at least as good, albeit slightly damaged. Is this a sign???? A metaphor for my life, LOL???? ("slightly damaged").

Here is a tip: The last two weeks of May in a college town are absolutely the best time and place to trashpick. Take a walk past the dumpsters of apartment complexes on Saturdays and Sundays as well as May 31. This didn't come out of a college apartment, but from a house that has a more or less continuous yard sale going. I can't believe they didn't have a clue that this was worth $$$. It was on top of a can full of really nasty old bedding.

Have you trashpicked anything good lately?? Inquiring minds want to know!!


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