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DS9 is in Germany

June 27 2011 at 9:35 AM
Christine  (Login stina716)
The Frugalista Files

I was a nervous wreck all last week. Add to that that i had the week off and DIDN'T even touch the project i was intending to finish last week....

His stupid cat didn't have the decency to die before he left. I'll be checking shortly for a vet with evening hours to have the poor thing put down. Poor kid.

He comes home the 9th. DD 10.999999 has a sleepover the 15th. the house is a disaster.

I did manage 5 dentist visits for me and the boys, and loading, unloading about 2 cubic yards of dirt/compost for the new garden. (yes we plant very late!) but otherwise feel the week off was a waste!

I know i work best under pressure, so hopefully i'll get more done this week since i've got almost no time to do it! (and things at home are SO much easier without dd and ds at each other's throats all day long! - she tries to start her instigating with the 4.9999999 year old, but his bite is worse than his bark and she's learning that the hard way LOL! i love parenting!

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