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Pilling a dog

August 16 2011 at 9:25 AM
Maxine  (Premier Login MaxineS)

I have to give Lulu several pills a day. The thyroid medication is chewable and is supposed to taste like liver and beef--yum, yum! But the arthritis pill requires more effort from me to get it down. Previously, I'd been burying it in cheese or turkey or whatever, but she always knew it was there and sometimes would spit it out. The auto mechanic and his dog introduced me to Greenies Pill Pockets, which you can buy at Petco, Pet Smart, etc., and at my vet. Lulu thinks they are a treat. They are kinda pricey ($5 or so for 30) but they work. They are also soft enough that you can pinch them shut and it would be VERY hard for the dog to get the pill out, even a pro like Lulu.

As for pilling a cat...fortunately I don't have a cat! I imagine that could be a real scratch and hiss job. However, I'm told there is a similar product for pilling cats. (Probably smells like 3-week-old mackeral). I don't know the name, but any pet store could lead you right to them. (Or you might smell your way to them).

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