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What two Frugalistas do when they get together!

August 24 2011 at 7:48 PM
Maxine  (Premier Login MaxineS)

They go thrifting, of course!

I met StaceyK in Missoula, MT, yesterday. She had piloted the company airplane and had a couple of days to kill. Missoula is a 2-1/2 hour drive from where I live.

This morning we went thrifting until noon, when Stacey had to be at the airport. Goodwill was OK, but nothing special; hit a couple of consignment stores that were a waste of time (Stacey refused to even try on the pink patent pumps with 5 inch heels and needle-pointed toes); and the two best places were operated by the YWCA. Stacey bought a sweater and two blouses at the first one, and I got an LL Bean fleece jacket and Woolrich wool sweater vest with a bear on it at the second. $20 for both--most of their stuff was cheaper, but I was OK with this. At the first Y store I also found a 22x28 picture frame with glass for $6 that should fit an Ansel Adams poster I have. I just need the glass.

I left at noon and Stacey went to work at the airport. On my way home, I stopped in Superior, MT, pop. 910, for lunch--at an old-timey soda fountain. I had half a milkshake (made from hard ice cream) and a BLT. This place was a real blast from the past--I think everything in the fountain is original and at least 70-75 years old. The linoleum counter was the same lino we had on our bathroom floor in the 1940s! Then I stopped at thrift stores in the Silver Valley, which is in the Idaho panhandle, including one that a friend told me about. Didn't find anything for myself, but I bought my pinochle pal Betsy an oval candlewick serving dish for $25 (tagged $29). She collects candlewick, so when I found a store with a lot of it, I called to see if she wanted any. The oval dish doesn't show up often in stores (say Betsy AND the owner) she was happy to get it. I also stopped at the grocery store in another tiny town--Smelterville, ID, pop. 618. Same friend, who used to live in the SV, told me their meat is outstanding and they freeze their markdown meat and sell it for 50% off. I got T-bones and rib steaks for $4.50 lb. and boneless rib eyes for $5.50 lb. I bought $44 worth of steaks!! I'm anxious to find out if their meat is as good as my friend says. One thing about these super small towns--it's hard to get lost, LOL.

I got to Missoula on the late side of lunch yesterday. Stacey and Randy, the other pilot, were waiting for me. We took off in their rental car to Holland Lake, a small lake about an hour and a half north of Missoula. There are forest fires around Missoula, and we stopped and took pictures. (I will try to post one taken by Stacey, along with a picture of Stacey and Randy). At the lake, we'd just missed lunch and it was too early for dinner at the lodge. We took a 1.5 mile hike to Holland Falls--which mainly hurt my back on the up slopes. I wasn't sure I'd make it, but I did, and coming back (another 1.5 miles) was a little easier walking and a LOT easier on my back. The lodge was just re-opening for dinner when we finished, but they were booked solid. We were pretty hungry by this time, so we drove down to the town of Seeley Lake and had dinner at a steak house overlooking Seeley Lake (the lake, not the town). The steaks were all 16 ounces, so Stacey and I split one.

We didn't stay up long after we got back to the motel. We watched some TV coverage of the fires, which were at 2,000 acres this morning and not yet contained. The fires were jumping from ridge to ridge last night--here's one:

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

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