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I think the landlord will take her to court

September 25 2011 at 5:35 PM
Tnetter  (Login TxNet)

Response to I would in small claims court

On the 13th he put a notice on the door and told the girls that he wanted them out on the 16th. He did NOT put that part in writing. Two of the girls hadn't paid him for Sept at that time. He also told them that if he didn't get Oct rent from all of them he would sue them and garnish their wages - even though he told them to vacate before Oct. He told dd that since she has never been late with a payment that if she paid him her part of Oct rent, he wouldn't include her in the suit. We figured that was a ploy to get some money from her and then include her in the suit anyway since the lease said they were all individually responsible.

Sooo, we had dd call him Saturday and agree to pay her part IF he would send a statement in writing saying it was her last and final payment and that he wouldn't sue her either individually or jointly, and THEN she would send the payment. Surprisingly, he agreed. Now we'll see if he really does it.

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