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Re: where did you find the ferrous gluconate ?

October 12 2011 at 11:43 AM
Lori in MA  (Login Earth_Wanderess)
The Frugalista Files

Response to where did you find the ferrous gluconate ?

I got it through

In my herbal group there was a post recently that others mentioned the following (remember before taking any herbal formulas that they do not react to other medications that you are taking-most likely your doctor or pharmacist will not know, so look it up):

Yellow dock can help with iron absorption: Yellow dock does not contain a lot of iron, rather the anthraquinone glycosides stimulate the bile and enzyme production which helsp your body assimilate iron better. The iron is actually in the molasses. So you could also use a yellow dock decoction as a pre-meal bitter if you don't like the syrup

Nettle (earthy flavor, comes in tea form) is high in iron

Food: The best sources for iron are dried beans, dried fruits (especially
cherries), red meat, liver and eggs... although eggs can make it hard for iron absorption of other iron sources

Plant sources of iron are good but you have to eat so much to be useful

Cherry and blueberry juices

Some mentioned a supplement called Hema-Plex

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