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Boy have I been decluttering...

October 18 2011 at 8:49 AM

KarenPA  (Login SingingSkies)
The Frugalista Files

Nothing like moving all your possessions aropund to re-evaluate needs. Since we had to move all our paperwork, books, videos, video games, out of the rooms to get new carpet, I basically went thru everything. The few exceptions are photos (that is a winter project for me), and some of my paperwork I filed to relook at later. Otherwise...I sorted thru boxes of junk, most of my paperwork, etc. So far I've gotten rid of:

- lots (maybe 25) of old computer discs and assorted broken disc cases
- broken stacking bins
- lots of cords and wires that weren't being used anymore
- lots and lots of paperwork
- hubby filled 2 boxes of books to donate, and I do need to look thru some of mine yet
- old bras
- shoes from a few family members
- sorted thru about 3 junk boxes and threw unknown plastic parts, pencils, pens, dead batteries, etc. etc.
- took a van full of metal to the scrap yard and made $24

I'm sure I'm missing lots of things, but you get the idea. I filled a large trash bag, with just little crap that was sitting around. I haven't purged like this in years, and it was obvious. My next goal is to clean the garage and actually donate some of the stuff in there.

Anyone else decluttering??

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