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Cheap & easy Halloween costumes

October 19 2011 at 3:09 PM
Maxine  (Premier Login MaxineS)

Please post your ideas for cheap and easy Halloween costumes.

I was at several thrift stores today and most of them had a ton of Halloween stuff, including new costumes that looked as though they were donated after Halloween last year by the Halloween stores. New costumes were $10-$15. So, thrift stores probably are still a possibility, if you hurry and go with an open mind. Thrift stores also have a lot of military-issue camo, if that interests anyone.

DD borrowed a costume--she's going to be a deviled egg this year. This was a store-bought egg costume with red horns and a sewn-on red pointy tail. It would be easy and cheap to duplicate either in fabric or paper and cardboard sandwich boards. Make an oval white egg and place a yellow yoke in the appropriate place on the front. Add horns and tail. It really is cute!

The friend who loaned it also had a stoplight costume. Again, easy to re-create in fabric or paper and cardboard. The storebought one had a light, but that wouldn't be strictly necessary.

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