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Thank you for the thoughts and suggestions

October 29 2011 at 11:14 AM
Trina  (Login TrinaOR)
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Response to When it rains it pours...and a question about fibromyalgia

Lori, I am going to order the book you suggested, it looks very interesting.. The book I am currently reading kind of makes me feel a bit hopeless...

Kim, Do you eat any grains? or is it just wheat your cutting out. I don't use dairy much, because of the mucus formation. This foggy/disconnect feeling is horrible..when it hits I am almost afraid to even drive. I do have sleep issues, but have been taking xanax (for extreme anxiety),calcium and magnesium and that seems to help. There are day's that when I wake up I feel so good and within a short time the exhausted feeling just overwhelms me...

Patsy, I currently feel like a pin cushion:> My Doc has tested me for the general lab, thyroid, Lyme disease, arthritis, It has not been to long since I have had my hormones all tested... thinking the fogginess I was dealing with was Menopause... I don't know that they have tested for Vit. D I will ask about that....I think he feels pretty strongly about the fibromyalgia because of my past history of neck, back, and hip pain, IBS, and sleep issues... he also checked the pain points and most of them he didn't have to do more then touch...

Yesterday was actually one of the most satisfying visits I have had, he went over everything. I am waiting on two of the tests to come back, I was really beginning to feel like I was going crazy. He sent me to get the book I currently have.. I am not sure I got the right one... Thank you again for your responses.. I really appreciate it.

" life isnt about waiting for the storms to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain."

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