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checking in

November 3 2011 at 3:04 AM

sheila  (Login SheilaPCT)
The Frugalista Files

Hey all, just wanted to check in and say hello. We are still waiting for power to come back up, last night the road behind us got power and we are hoping we are soon but don't know if maybe the tree on my wires may prevent them from powering us back up.

Thanks to those of you who contacted me! I am having generator issues but right now all that means is that its on and running everything but the furnace. We just had it serviced on the 19th of October, and it's probably going to be quite a while till I can get them back out here. After a while of it doing that, it starts to run funny/sound funny and I have to turn it off for a while and then I can reset the furnace, turn the thing back on and it it seems to run all day- but then some time in the middle of the night the furnace quits out again. It is an older Generac, built in generator.

My kids school was canceled for the week- so combined with the day off we had from the hurricaine, we are now gonna be up to 6 snow days already, by the end of this week!

The snow is melting and the temps are suppose to be up to 60 today. My phone line and internet are back on even tho those wires were ripped out of the side of the house and are laying on the ground.

I have created a master "Winter Prep" list and will be reworking my budget to fit in those things.... Problem #1 is for some reason they previous owners have the furnace and the wood stove exhausting out the same chimney pipe- not legal/safe or to code... so I want to figure that one out and make it legal/safe to run the wood stove....

Hope all of youo are well!

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