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used to keep a list

November 15 2011 at 8:52 AM
Myra  (Login conchokitty)
The Frugalista Files

Response to Master List check-in, week of 11/14-20: What have you accomplished?

of the big things I needed done, planned on hoped for - like new flooring, fencing, etc but on that list were only the large ticket items that took time to save for or time to accomplish. my daily list never included those. Then there was the sometime this month list, LOL.

I have not kept such a list since leaving the country though I sort of have the big one in my head.

Replacing windows, new flooring being the main two.

But it seems they get sidetracked with bath repairs and the like, sigh.

Then there is the get John to clean his bathroom or mow the lawn list, LOLOL.

I cleaned my garage long ago (it needs it again but this is about this one time) and decided to get clever, hung many of the tools on the wall using nails. Good idea right? then came the day I looked madly for one item, EVERYwhere except - you can guess it - on the wall. Where it was neatly hung to be oh so easy to access.

Sometimes I just have to wonder.

Myra in West Texas

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