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it Really depends on the stain and the fabric

December 1 2011 at 9:35 AM
Christine  (Login stina716)
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Response to Berry stains

some stains actually will never come out. i have resigned myself to this fact sad.gif

Zout is great on organic stains, spit up, grass and chocolate. (the older the stain the more often it might take)

Fels Naptha works miracles on grease stains old and new, but can take several washings to work.

I cannot get blueberry out of anything no matter what i try. (yes even boiling!)


Last spring when i realized every article of clothes i owned was nasty with stains - i'd soak the spot in zout for 24 hours then in a bucket of warm water with oxyclean, then rub it with Fels before washing. 60 percent of my clothes came clean in one treatment. another 20% took two or three washings. and the rest is in the rag bin.

I manage to spill every single time i eat. or anyone's eating near me. Or I'm alone in an empty room..... stains find me....

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