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My gosh!

December 22 2011 at 10:02 AM
Maxine  (Premier Login MaxineS)

Response to You don't want to be me....

You do all this and don't even use a pattern! You are indeed Superwoman! If you won't let Christine BE you...can I?

I got my Christmas present yesterday--a clean house! I told DH that's what I wanted, so I called her...and it's clean. She loved the idea of being someone's gift! Not too frugal, but you know he was going to buy me something, and this was sooooooooo much better than "stuff"!

I ran out of eggs, hit the grocery store and spent $33. Still, that's only $53 for the week for food, and most of what I bought was on sale (or I wouldn't have bought it). Still cooking and eating meals at home. I REALLY didn't want to cook last night, and DH suggested take-out. I resisted and fried up hamburger patties, heated up a can of green beans and opened a jar of peaches. It wasn't great, but it was cheap, quick and easy. Works for me!

I wrote about wrapping DS's girlfriend's b-day gift for $0. (Of course, I wrap 99.999% of my gifts without spending any money...using what I've bought in the past on super sales).

The big splurge is tonight, which I will confess tomorrow. Just a note to warn you that this is the one tradition no one was willing to cut, ESPECIALLY ME. I still have one $5 gift to buy, otherwise I don't think I will be spending money today.

This is not a no-spend Christmas--just a LIVE CHEAP DECEMBER. Considering it is December and all that entails, I feel I am doing OK, although not spectacularly.

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