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December 27 2011 at 2:12 PM
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Response to How about some updates...

I still have my part time job and enjoy it most days. We have managed to stay well this year and only had to spend for prevented stuff. Which is good since honey has no insurance and mine is crap.

When we went through the big changes last year I had adjusted our budget to the lowest in years. Its worked out well and doesn't feel tight. What I found, was since I had to think more about spending there was lots I could do without. That and having no debt(this is big)has made this transition of our life calmer. Plus I don't mind making do and enjoying finding other uses for my stuff.

We have another mastiff. At work they say I keep getting the same dog. And you know we have had mastiffs for a few years. We have new neighbors that thought he was the same dog they saw as kids.LOL I tell them they all are different, some smarter than others. This one, Carl I would not have brought home because he was very shy and honey had to catch him. And my punishment for saying that is he seemed to be one of the smarter ones. And has latched on to me as his buddy. A funny is, he watches me and lays by my feet when I sit on the couch. We just started letting him sleep out of the crate because he is too big. Well I got up the other morning and there he was sleeping on the couch, looking very pleased with himself. None of the other dogs would get on the furniture or steal my covers.LOL

For my B-day I received a kindle and have really enjoyed it. One reason I'm staying off the computer.

This Christmas was a nice calm one for me. Couldn't think of one thing I wanted. I ended up with a box of yarn so I could work on a few projects as I watched tv.

I'm hoping next year is a happy easy year for all of us.

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