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January's 2

January 2 2012 at 11:51 AM
Sandy in NJ  (Login SandyinMI)
The Frugalista Files

Did I miss today's update? No spending here, by me or dh anyway. Dh's parents are still visiting and they're paying for meals and activities out. I've been sick for most of the last week and haven't cooked much at all and have gladly let them do all sorts of things without me.

Today is ds's 9th birthday. His gifts were purchased way ahead of time, and were reasonable. Three special edition/famous buildings erector sets found secondhand but brand new ($4 each, he loves to build things), a KNEX ball machine that I won from the company several years ago that I've been holding onto until he was old enough ($0), spin art refill kit ($8-too expensive IMO but my attempts to thin other misc. paint and find suitable bottles failed) and a Smithsonian grow-your-own crystal set that I bought on clearance a couple of years ago for when he was old enough ($10, and he's since asked for one so I know he'll like it). Really, way too many gifts for one kid but only $30. I'm considering saving the ball machine for next year, but the box is large and I'm getting tired of hiding and moving it.

How are you doing so far? Not many places open yesterday, so that helps!

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