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wow thanks

January 3 2012 at 4:15 PM
Karen CO  (Login wildmama)
The Frugalista Files

Response to suggestions to cutting the budget

because in alot of ways I see it the same as you wrote it. but what is hard as income has gone up, I have relaxed so much, maybe too much on the budget.

I can't ever figure out what the household stuff goes to, it seems so high to me. I buy normal stuff, not anything special. maybe I will make subcategories this year and try to figure it out. we really spend nothing on clothes, maybe $300 a year for all three of us and most of that is shoes for us and pants for ds who is finaly growning.

I also comp ad shop at walmart for most all food, cook all from scratch, don't throw out much, stock up on non-perishables on sale. do have alot in the freezer and am trying to eat that down now. also have 100 lb elk in the freezer. that will last a year or two. I really think it is the fresh fruit and veg that makes it so high, but still not sure. do buy some convience stuff like hot pockets for the kid. also I feed alot of neighborhood kids on a regular basis, but mostly mac and cheese/pbj, and leftovers so I try to keep it under control. maybe $10 a week for that?

eat out
is about $60 for dh and I going out to a diner for breakfast or lunch several times a month, quite enjoy it. the rest is dh eating out working or traveling.

pocket cash
that includes anything we want, about $120 for dh and $80 for me. dh uses alot for lunch while working, I use for stuff for ds, videos, some eating out for me or work lunches. also it goes to pocket money for ds who doesn't get an allowance. like $$ for the movies once in a while.

kid costs -- I thought that was incredibly cheap! that is everything we spend on the kid we wouldn't spend if no kid. like music lessons, sporting, drama workshop fees, pet food, toys and birthday gifts. only one kid. also all things we have to pay for school.
checked. half education/music half toys and gifts, allowance type stuff.

health ins is $ 255 a month. then dh gets a synvic shot in his knee, dentist bills, back issues, the insurance doesn't pay anything. checkups, etc. I mean the dentist bills are like $800 with no cavities.

yeah, the house costs seem reasonable to me. heat with wood, gas bill only $600 a year. that number included prop. taxes. phone basic land line under $40 a month. oh, that includes heating a hot tub which is about $500 a year, great luxury.

dh. used to be $200 a month for like ten years, then it jumped up. guess he is feeling more flush too? plus when I tell him that number, he denies it and says it is stuff like eating out while working (which is silly as he puts that on the credit card I see). last week he bought a jacket for a class for $200, and that is just the kind of stuff I know about. also he used to have side jobs for more pocket cash but not the last few years.

travel, that is my deal, we take so many fun trips every year, kind of a thing with not working too much. I can afford it. that included a month in India, a month in Australia, dh cave diving a week, florida to parents, dh driving to missouri for camping for a week, dh to vegas for a long weekend to a gun thing. pretty good value to me! when the money isn't there it gets cut back.

other rec: seems like alot but not too crazy when broken down, for ex. dh gym and tae kwon do class is about $70 month, cable and internet is like $60, ski passes are broken out to like $70 month. ($800year)

thanks for advice!!!

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