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Craigslist and friends!

January 19 2012 at 5:32 AM
Christine  (Login stina716)
The Frugalista Files

Response to Dead washing machine

A few years ago both my washer and dryer died within weeks of each other. I was on my way to the dept store to price out washers - DH was at a political event and mentioned why i wasn't there and one of the candidates tells him "oh our neighbor's dad just passed away and they're looking to unload his washer - got us the number and $100 later I had a 6 month old washer (which smelled like dog but it didn't make my stuff smell - just the washer smelled after use!) poor old guy - the landlord yitched at him about the water bill so he only used the washer once in a while for the dog bedding - and still did his clothes in the sink!!

The dryer - I found selling Girl Scout cookies! one mom was apologizing for her living room being covered in folded wash and i said that my house was full of drying racks; they'd just got a great deal on a HE washer and matching dryer, even though their dryer was less than a year old, they wanted matching set (stupid!) so I got me a $100 dryer too!! (and found $3.75 in change in it!) the gerbil had been living it for a while - but that smell went out in three cycles!!

Found them both the same weekend!! Put it out there that you're looking!

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