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Spending money, but...

February 13 2012 at 12:49 PM
Maxine  (Premier Login MaxineS)

Response to Frugal Feb day 13

...less than before. Both DH and I switched medical insurance this year, and we are saving a ton both on premiums and Rx co-pays. DH picked up some scripts at the drugstore, and one of his, which used to be $40, is now $33. Mine, which used to be $75 (and went to $90 this year), was $39 with the new insurance. And this is every month!

Unfortunately, I have to see the shrink this afternoon (depression/quarterly appointment) with a $35 co-pay, and I also have to take Lulu to the vet about her surgical incision, which she won't stop licking. The latter is unbudgeted.

Speaking of budgets, DH and I have been working on our first-ever written budget. I've always operated out of my back pocket, but DH wants to be sure we have enough $$$ to go back to Costa Rica next year! I'm still estimating the big expenses, but I've tracked down all of the little ones, which is the time-consuming part of all this. Feeling good about this!

Yesterday I cooked all meals at home, as I will today.

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