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What has saved you the most in the last year?

February 19 2012 at 12:11 PM
CC  (Login sameoleCCTX)
The Frugalista Files

I was thinking about changes I've made and wondering what has been the biggest saver. I think the biggest sounds kind of anti frugal, it was to let myself run out of things. When I used up stuff then I had no choice but to use what was still hanging around. So instead of always finding and buying the bargain I was taking advantage of past shopping. This saved money because even on sale spending is spending. And I was not wasting time, money or space to store extra things that I may not need for some time.

So even though prices are going up I'm not worried and don't buy too much. Stuff is lasting longer than I thought it would so trips to the store are less. And this thinking has led me to having fewer items. For example I had two sets of sheets but most of the time I would take off and wash one set. Well that one is now worn out. Before I would look to buy another but I'm just going to start using the other set and replace when worn.

Even though this is small spending most of the time, it adds up. And over the year I've saved plenty by staying out of stores and using what I have. This change in attitude has helped me to see how much I don't need.

What do you think has saved you the most in the last year?

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