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Things are differnt for me now....

March 19 2012 at 3:12 PM

sheila  (Login SheilaPCT)
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Response to Same here

Up till last June I was working 30+ hours a week, living in a tiny apt with the kids and making more convenience foods. I was getting FS for a while. Then that got cut when I lost my job, my income was slashed and my mortgage is higher then my rent was. For a while there I was just treading water and barely at that... after I rented out my basement then things loosened up a lot. He also did not care for my selection of TV channels (bare bones) so he upgraded and took on the TV bill, so another less bill. I pay the house phone bill/internet and he pays the Cell. It works out pretty well. But things were really scary there for a while and it made me really want to have more of a cushion in savings. So I am working hard on that and meeting my goal pretty fast. I'm really happy about that. But each day requires thinking aobut the little things. You can't say "it doesn't matter" over and over again- well I can't! they add up - all those little things... so I try to hang the laundry when ever I can and cook from scratch.. each little thing does matter, and th emore little things I do, then the more big things I can do like grow that e-fund or pay cash for the April vacation we are taking. Now I am enjoying the game of making things from scratch. I was so pleased when we checked out at the grocery store on Saturday- I would have been fine with anyone of you cchecking out my cart, it was mostly fruits,veggies, some basics like WW bread and OJ concentrate, plain yogurt in the large container, ziplock bags and the bulk of the bill was meat- and it was all on sale. I used to buy cookies each week for the kids lunches and a lot more convennience items.

My goals for 2012 are really big.... E-fund, 3 trips worth of travel and IRA investing. I am also hoping this year to do a little work ont he main bathroom here. I have some pretty lofty goals for 2013... Replace front door and screen, 2 trips of travel, if not more and more adding to e-fund and IRA....

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