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Car woes...

March 24 2012 at 4:14 PM
glenda  (Login glendaMO)

Last Saturday we took dh's truck to the shop, to have the exhaust worked on, it had an audible leak. $80 and the exhaust was repaired. He drove the truck to meet me at work the next day, when the brakes went out... the metal brake line had rusted out - after 13 years, I guess that happens, but it was lousy timing. Luckily, he was able to park it, and drive it to the shop in daylight, safely. DD was out of town, so we borrowed her car to get him to and from work. Wednesday evening, he'd received a call that his truck was ready to be picked up - $200. I'd worked my my 5th 12 hour day in a row and was beat. Dh and I had just finished dinner out, when our oldest dd called to inform us know her car had just shook and died a slow death in her driveway. We took her sisters car to her, and we proceeded to get dh's truck. 48 hours later, we'd picked up our daughter from the airport, and the oldest was heading to the house to meet us, when she called with a flat (in her sisters car), on the edge of the interstate, afraid she might have ruined the rim trying to get off the road far enough to keep from being hit. We paid $200 for 2 tires vs. $160 to replace one tire to match the remaining tires on the car, the rim was not harmed in the process of getting off the road.

The oldest dd's car is still sitting dead in her driveway - tomorrow we'll go get it and drag it home, thinking we'll take it to the garage and have someone look at it. Dh thinks she's got another broken rocker arm, it had one last fall, which was repaired at the garage after they'd worked on it for several weeks off ad on trying to figure out what was causing the irregular shaking she'd reported. Dh is convinced that it's not pumping oil effectively but they've run all kinds of test on it and don't think anything is wrong with it. It's a Chevy Lemona - the last bow tie that will ever grace our driveway. She purchased it used, 2 years old, I'm convinced that the original owner probably had it in the shop more than in their garage. It has not ran smoothly since she's had it. We'd like to get it to run, long enough that we can sell it - and she can buy another car.

Right now, ds is doing routine maintainence on his car in the drive, and awaiting the arrival of the younger dd with her car, so he can change her oil. Even with routine maintenance, cars can create headaches, and make you glad you have a car fund!

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