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Lets see if I can answer (really long, sorry)

March 27 2012 at 3:11 PM
Missy  (Login missyintx)
The Frugalista Files

Response to PJ, I have a few questions for you

some of your questions. You will then have to answer some that I have, but only to yourself.

Do alot of parks allow year round living?
Are the space rents reasonable or at least a lot less than a space with a mobile home on it?

Most private parks allow you to live in the park for a monthly fee. You can be there year round. The price us usually a flat fee plus your electricity. Trash, sewer and water are included. That flat fee can be anything from $250 to $1000 or more. Shop the park and the neighborhood, both in the park and outside of the park. Some mobile home parks also allow you to put an rv on the spot for the same fee as a mobile.

We are low income and trying to find living quarters within our means.
Many people are looking at alternative living options and an rv is a very viable option.

We have located a trailer that we still have to arrange to look at, but from what pictures we have seen we like it. It is 7 years old and a two bedroom.
Be very careful buying used. The pics can look great and it can be a dog. With that said...I only buy used. We like older rigs and by the time they are older you know if it is dogged or not. lol There are ways to check for problems you just need to know what to look for. We can talk more later.

We have been full time for 8 years now and we still love it. We love living small and in fact went smaller last fall because we are mobile again. There are 3 of us in a 29ft 5th wheel. We had a 40ft 5th wheel and the only thing I miss is my old shower and the washer and dryer.

You need to make sure the rig is self contained. That means that it has holding tanks in the rig and can be lived in even when it is not hooked up at a park. Park models are not self contained (the ones that look like little houses) but most that actually look like a standard rv are.

Are you on Facebook? If so you need to friend me and I can send you to several rv related FB sites where you can start reading and learning. You need to read and learn a lot.

Have you ever been in an rv? If not you need to go to the local rv dealership and start walking the used lot. Don't make yourself crazy with the new walk the used ones. Go to several lots. This will give you an idea of what you like in an rv and what you do NOT like. You're not looking to buy, just find what you like.

Can you sit on the toilet and do your job, do you fit in the shower, is the bed big enough and can you replace the mattress with a standard mattress (60x80) or an rv mattress (60x75)? Can you see the tv from where it is located? They put them in some pretty stupid

Are you and your husband best friends? I mean really best friends...can you sit in your car for days and not kill each other? Will you be comfortable and happy living in what amounts to your bathroom, every single day? The spaces are tight. You have to be able to stomach each other in small spaces for long periods of time. You will also find that you live more outside and that your park will become a microcosm of a friendly neighborhood. I know more people now than I ever did living in a regular neighborhood.

Do you have what it takes to down size enough to live in an rv? If not, where will all your other stuff go? Storage? Relative? Can you live with out grandmothers sewing machine or mothers cookbook collection or the extra golf clubs? Decluttering is one thing, downsizing like this is hard. Very, very hard. And it does not get easier each time I have had to do it.

You need to do some soul searching as well as some reading online before you make the commitment. There are always other options when money is tight. You will still have to license it, tag it, and insure it. Those basic things don't change.

Several forums that are helpful are ... --go to the forum and start reading. Most of the posters are full time.

I dont want to discourage you. I love living in my rv but it is not for everyone. You just need to figure out if it is for you or not. Your best suggestion for living with a small income is still to get out of California. You could live in Texas (or the for about a quarter of what it costs there. I am a firm believer in relocation. I would suggest that you look toward being mobile in the rv and not just relying on someone else to move you. Have a rig that you can tow yourself, it opens up many more possibilities for you.

Sorry this got so long. lol

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