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Ideas for reunion food???

March 29 2012 at 11:06 AM
Maxine  (Premier Login MaxineS)

We are hosting a reunion for DH's cousins at our cabin. One cousin will have her RV at our house, so we will have access to another stove and a little bit of extra refrigeration. We don't have much freezer space--just what's on the top of my fridge that isn't already in use. Most of the guests will either be staying with us, some will be at the motel and MAY have a stove (depending on what unit they are in) and some will be at the city-owned RV park.

If all of the people who say they are coming actually come, we'll have quite a crowd. We need to produce food from Friday night dinner to Monday breakfast. We are not above buying pre-made stuff, except for the storage problems. Pop and beer can go in coolers--we can buy ice at the grocery store in Harrison.

Can you give me any ideas? The first that came to mind was to cook a turkey and a ham for Friday night, de-bone it, and let people make their own sandwiches for lunches. I also have a pan that's close in size to a half-sheet pan, so I can make a double recipe cake ahead, freeze it at home and let it be thawing to eat on the first day. We will probably barbecue hamburgers on Saturday night. Any more suggestions? The folks with RVs will help to the limited extent they can. Lots of hands to cook.

Edited to add--this isn't until the second weekend of August, but already I'm thinking about it when I can't get to sleep, LOL.

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