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Bits of this and that

April 24 2012 at 4:15 PM
Carol  (Login CTMOMto4)
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Response to FS april day 24

I had originally planned a crockpot turkey chilli, but wasn't up to browning meat last night (had one of my weather related headaches brewing) so I pulled a container of turkey and gravy out of the chest freezer, figuring that i could push leftover mashed potatoes and rice, as well as leftover peas and carrots and get those things gone! SPuds were bad : (
. . .but there was enough rice for 2 kids (older DS is working)who had that with peas and carrots and the turkey. I had leftover beer battered fish and fries, peas and carrots. I made up 2 lunch containers for myself to get me thru the next 2 work days. Doing all the aforementioned cleaned out the fridge, along with some leftover containers for STBX who hasn't been eating leftovers at home (I often see take out wrappers in the cellar trash can-luckily it's not my $ funding that habit). Sad to toss out a stuffed pepper, esp as it contained grnd beef and cheese, a container with rice and leftover fillet of Tilapia-3 costly items.

SHOULD STBX show up later and be looking for something to eat, there is still a slice of pizza, a piece of cooked salmon in the fridge.

I keep asking, as a courtesy, for STBX to let me know whether or not he will have dinner at home. @@ Lawyer says, cook for me and the boys, if anything is leftover, that's STBX's to take/leave. It's the leaving that is so wasteful. Maybe it's because it's my money funding the grocery budget?

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