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Anyone may post through Saturday night!

May 4 2012 at 11:16 AM
Maxine  (Premier Login MaxineS)

Just for fun--and to liven things up a bit on a slow weekend--anyone may post today (Friday) through Saturday night. We invite all of our lurkers to pop in and say hello and let us know you are out there. (Actually, we know you are out there--we get over 300 unique visitors a week--we just don't know who you are. Let us know what subjects interest you and we'll try to oblige, even though we may never hear from you again. But, we hope you will want to stick around.

You may post to any existing message or start a new one. As always, anyone who posts is expected to play nice with the other children. The forum owner reserves the right to remove flames, cursing and other obnoxious posts--although in 6 years I have never done this. I also reserve the right to lock threads that seem to be headed south--have only done this once or twice so far.

I've also restored the "who's here" feature, although it will be removed again tomorrow night.

BTW, we are coming up on our 6th anniversary.

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