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FS May- day 7 (monday)

May 7 2012 at 4:47 AM

Sheila  (Login SheilaPCT)
The Frugalista Files

Ahhhh monday... my day to watch my friends children.... back at the start of this school year we made an agreement- I would watch her kids mondays and she would watch mine one other day of the week. Her DD is in kindergarten with mine so the girls come home at noon, then at 3 our sons come home and I watch them till 5/5:30.... it has not really worked out to be as fun as I would have hoped. It kind of ties me down on Mondays and this friend asks for a lot of extras.... her kids are not always the best behaved and are VERY picky about food/drinks... her son tends to play his ipod all the time which frustrates my son who wants to go outside and play with this boy. I am looking forward to summer and getting out of this deal. I imagine she will ask me about it again in fall- she needs the child care for mondays for her to work. But I am hoping to somehow make it less often or something... I dunno. One good thing will be that both girls will be in school full day and won't get home till after 3, so I would just be tied down for 2 hours, instead of 5, if I do it. Only 5 more weeks of school! My kids gt out mid June.

Today is not going to be a frugal day around here... I have a plumber coming at 3 to fix an under the sink leak that is before the shut off so the water is just spraying out. I have a wash cloth over it to divert it from spraying inside the cabinet and I have a dish pan under it to catch the drips. I also have a handy man coming to start some work- he will be painting trim which I hate to do and then adding some shelves in the closets.

My DDs allergies are on hyper-drive. She was over at her dads for the weekend so that always makes them worse. He is a slob and I have talked to him aobut cleaning up her room there but he does not listen to me. Last night she was coughing a good part of the night despite a hepa filter, Vicks and Benadryl (the things that usually help her). I'm thinking that maybe we need to switch to her going there Friday nights instead of saturday so she has more time to recover before Monday mornings.

This is teacher appreciation week at DDs school. She is suppose to bring ina flower tomorrow for her teacher. I had a look around my yard yesterday- looking for something to send in, but the tulips are done and nothing else is blooming yet... so I am afraid I might end up having to go out and buy her something tonight.

Busy, not so frugal, Monday here....

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