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Staying home today.

May 17 2012 at 8:05 AM
Maxine  (Premier Login MaxineS)

Response to FS May day 17

No place to go today, and that's good. I did a little bit of PUPA last night, and I'll do more today. Also, I have to make the last of the follow-up calls for the bee. And, there is always laundry...always. The weather is nice enough to hang things out, and that's a task I actually enjoy.

I might rearrange my freezer today to get a better handle on exactly what I've got. I think we are down to a turkey, some chicken tenders and a whole chicken, plus one steak. I told you we've been eating out of the bottom of the freezer and the back of the pantry. However, it got me through the "broke" months after Lulu's surgery, and I can afford to restock it now. Not all at once, of course, but I can buy extra sale meat each week to build up my supply.

The riding mower quit again last night while DH was in the middle of mowing, and he says he is through. The tractor works, but the mower is continually breaking down. The tractor is 14 years old and too old to spend much money on accessories. Should be able to get $200-$300 for it as-is. So, I'll be digging through Consumer Reports today to see what they recommend.

Also, he discovered a plumbing leak the other day and last night he tracked it down to an elbow of plastic pipe that was glued. It has ruined some drywall in the kitchen basement that will have to be repaired. I'm going to call the plumber to fix it, because if DH does it (and he is capable), he will tear up the whole ceiling to get to it. And he isn't much of a drywall man....

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