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Ours went pretty well

May 29 2012 at 8:38 PM
Tnetter  (Login TxNet)

Response to Glenda and Tnetter, how did the weddings go?

It was really hot, like 96 hot, and we got to the place an hour before the wedding. Not a parking place open on the block. The groom had taken one spot near the location, and he didn't offer to move his car so we could unload from there. So dh, me, my bil, both dd's, and the groom's brother schlepped 100 dishes, and a couple of totes of food from parking places around the corner.

I was proud of dd though. She was upset, but she didn't go ballistic. The owner or manager of the place said he called a tow truck, but we never saw one. Saw two cars with tickets, and one was still there when the wedding was over. I hope the fines are doozies.

Other than that, it was really nice. I messed up and gave dd#1 the bride's bouquet and she went up to the front with it, so dd#2 walked up without it. Dd#1 didn't hand it to her until after the wedding. And the groom's family wanted to leave before the "party" was over, and since that was 70% of the crowd, groom's mother wanted everyone out on the sidewalk to do the send off with bubbles while there were still a lot of people there. Dd didn't want to do it at that time, and then come back inside to finish her party, but she did.

Dh & I got there on Thursday and dd had decided not to order food trays from the store, deciding that it wouldn'tl be a big deal for us to make our own trays. So I spent all day Friday washing the dishes we would use, and the fruit and veggies. Saturday was her bachelorette party and she invited me, dh, and my mom not to come, so I called groom's parents and took them out to dinner. They had taken both families out Friday night. We got to know them a lot better without the kids there.

The kids went to the groom's house after the wedding, and the rest of us went to dd's new house. She had 7 people staying at her house on air mattresses. My nerves couldn't have taken it, but it didn't bother her a bit. Monday morning, we got up and dh shuttled everyone else to the airport and friends' hotels, and I went to the laundromat to wash all the cloth napkins we had used at the wedding, as well as all her towels and sheets so they wouldn't have to do that when they got home. I knew she was out of towels when I saw Christmas hand towels in the bathoom. lol

It took me until noon to wash 6 sets of sheets, all the towels, and 100 napkins, and the laundromat had no a/c. While I was there, dh started washing all the plates we had used at the wedding, and he was just finishing when I got back with the laundry. Then we cleaned up her house, made her bed, emptied trash and the refrigerator, and left. Dh said he wanted to take a shower; we had both sweated through our clothes, but I told him dd was coming home to a clean house, so we just turned up the a/c in the car until we dried.

The kids will be home Friday and my new sil wants to spend the weekend moving his stuff into the house. Dd doesn't want to, but they have no furniture in the living room and he doesn't have any clothes there, so I think they will have to compromise.

And that's it for our story. No one got cold feet, no one had a meltdown, and no one cried. All good. I told dd#1 we would pay her off to elope.

The road to success is always under construction.

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