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Help me plan amounts of food for an Anniversary Party..

June 10 2012 at 5:41 PM
Jaime  (Login JaimeLW)
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My husbands only sibling, his sister decided we should throw a 40th anniversary party and vow renewal for their parents. She is a teacher and broke and borrowing money from these parents all the time. But yet her plans for this wedding were VERY extravagant, $300.00 worth of fresh flowers, $150.00 for vases!!! I was not paying half of that!! So I got livid and said we are paying for the cake, punch, drinks, food and paper products. I was hopeful that me taking full control of those items I could get by cheaper than paying half of her budget. Yes, I sound bitter about this, I do not get along with my in-laws and doing something them PAINS me!! Plus, my parents had a 50th anniversary party and paid for it themselves!! okay...enough venting...... (sorry) sad.gif
Party is also 3 days after I arrive in Indiana from my trip to Colorado and Utah. Giving me 2 days to shop for the food and prepare it all. They wanted hot appetizers. I was adament we had to put an end time to this party on the invitations so people knew it wasn't a meal. It is from a little after 2:00 on a Saturday until 5:00 pm. They invited 125 people. I have no idea how many batches of everything to make. If anyone could give me any clue that would be great. I don't want to run out of food but I don't want to have tons left in the kitchen never touched.
My menu:
hot spinach/artichoke dip
meatballs w/ sauce
cold black bean, corn and tomato salsa
2 different kinds of cheese balls
vegetable tray and dip
chips for the dips
Cheese tray w/ cubed or sliced cheeses
Grapes and Strawberries (scratching the strawberries if they are too expensive)

So like should I make 2 of each cheese ball and put one and out have extra in the fridge or do I need to make 3 of each?? They would just be normal size cheeseballs. I guess I'll need do double or triple the black bean salsa recipe?? I have just NO idea at all how much to make. I bought those metal trays with sterno cans to warm the spinach dip and meatballs. Not even sure how much spinach dip to figure. If one batch in the metal pan is enough or if I would have to refill it.
We will also have plenty of cake, punch, nuts and mints.
Her budget for the cake was $300.00. I got it for $165.00 with my sister making it, she's done alot of big cakes before. The budget for the food was $300.00 and I don't think that sounds far off. She had $60.00 for paper products, it's cost me over $150.00!! Come to find out she only priced plates and what about cups, napkins, trays for servings food etc?
sorry venting again.....
Any help?

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