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Way OT: But can i just say how heartbroken I am as a former Penn State student...

June 15 2012 at 6:14 AM

KarenPA  (Login SingingSkies)
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As Pennsylvania resident, a former PSU student, and a victim of an employer touching me inappropriately as a teen and a date rape...I just want to vomit. What sickens me almost as much as the entire situation is that rather than just pleading guilty, he is making his victims relive their hell publically.

I have a son planning on attending PSU, and while I know in my heart he will get a great education, I have trouble supporting an institution that looked the other way.

I'll stop now, because I could ramble all day. It's all just soooo sad.

I live my life in celebration that I've got a life to live.

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