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FS June 16th- saturday

June 16 2012 at 12:14 PM

sheila  (Login SheilaPCT)
The Frugalista Files

Hey, should I keep doing these or move on to the overwhelmed/complainers (LOL!!!!) threads?

I was off line because the guys working on my bedroom unplugged all my computer and stuff. I was LOST with out it... thankfully I do have a good book to read! My room is almost done. Monday they come back to trouble shoot the ceiling light they put in for me that does not work, put up closet pole and curtain rods up.... I will be SOOOOOO glad when they are done. I do LOVE the color. I mixed it myself with left overs/a $10 can of HD "opps" light blue and paint from a friend. Ended up with exactly what I wanted, a light blueish lavender. I really like it. With the white trim and the white lace curtains I sprang for it's gonna look awesome. The new ceiling fan is simple white- with white glass,, instead of the ugly- basket weave brown one... and the curtain rods are now silver with crackle glass ends (Home Depot) I also LOVE the fresh clean, white plugs and switches with new, white, over sized covers... (metal).

Yesterday I went to Goodwill and got my full sized bed, swapped out the queen for the full size and there is a noticable differnce in space savings, it looks soooooo much more to scale in my 10 x 12 room. I had all bedding for the full except for a mattress pad and one of those allergan dust protectors, went today and found both for $36, and that is with a good, Beatyrest, cotton mattress pad..... I am happy now and will be eaven happier after monday when they are all done and outta here! Thankfully I saved a bin of full sized, pink sheets, so am all set with that at least for summer bedding and quilt/blanket....

That's my day. BF is painting my metal railings black right now, using oil based paints. I might go out ina bit and hit Aldi for the weekly groceries but I want the railings to dry some more, I am so afraid of gitting them. The previous lady had deep green walls, and had painted the metal railings cream... when I moved in I painted the walls cream and the trim white, it looked kind of bland, and the railings always looked dirty from the kids hands. Now they are gloss black... I think it adds a nice punch and should be easier to keep looking clean. Next week I will be in my house one full year.... wow!

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