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Make the Bread, Buy the Butter

June 23 2012 at 10:45 AM
Kim  (Login KimAB)
The Frugalista Files

Predictably, she and I don't agree on the math...

Most of the things she says cost less to make do not cost less for me to make- like french fries, etc. I can buy them WAY cheaper than I can make them, but we have a chipper and the kids always make their own fries and hashbrowns.

I nearly yelled out loud in the bathtub (where I was reading the book) - You are paying $3/ chick?! You are INSANE! No Tradio where she lives I guess?! I think you have to do it for love not for cheap eggs, but maybe it is a little more reasonable in other parts of the world.

I get oatmeal for a LOT cheaper than she says- about .20/ cup as compared to about .75/ serving of a packaged instant. Of course you have to be willing to store 20 kg of it...

Yogurt isn't cheaper for me to make. I just do it for the good gut bacteria.

Cocoa! There is no way I can make cocoa cheaper than I can buy it - on sale at Costco. My mom bought some hot chocolate mix a while ago and was telling me how wrong she thought it was. She really only makes her own - on the stove with whipping cream and a box mix doesn't compare to that. No comment...

Tortilla chips - I can buy them for a LOT less than I can make them. Tortillas aren't cheap for me.

Doughnuts. It's a bit of a toss up for price, but I will put my Grandma's recipe against any in the world. Also, doughnuts don't have to be painful. Roll them out and slice with a pizza cutter. Trust me... Your family won't care that they aren't doughnut shape. My family calls them Kim-bits.

Fruit vinegar. I don't think she gave scrap vinegar enough of a chance. Apple cider vinegar is EASY, but not quick to make. You have to plan ahead, but if you are buying live vinegar it is free compared to about $4/ cup is about what I pay. It is really, really free if you have an apple tree. I use the leftover bits from the juicer.

Kimchi- I can't buy kimchi. I can only make it and it is EASY. Shred whatever veg you want with your food processor, salt, stir and walk away for two days. Refrigerate when it is sour- that's it!

Sauerkraut. I think she is delusional. How much is she paying for cabbage?! I can get cabbage for about $6/ 15 lbs in the fall. You zip it all through the food processor, salt and pound out the juice. Make sure it is under water and weight it, if necessary. I pay about $4.50/ 796 ml. I can get cabbage for about $.50 per pound (or less...) in season and it goes pretty far when it is shredded.

Rice pudding... buy it? Are you insane? Kozy Shack is about $3/ cup. Be serious! It is WAY cheaper to make it.

I think she is living a different, wealthier life than I am...

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