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FS June, Friday the 29th

June 29 2012 at 4:00 AM

sheila  (Login SheilaPCT)
The Frugalista Files

Woke to rain and dark skies, today does not look like a great day for kids with camp... : (

My plans for today are to hit Aldi, Rite Aid for an RX, then watch a friends kids while she and her DH go to a funeral.... I'm planning to get her a $4 bunch of flowers from Aldi and I already got her a dollar store card....

I have ground beef thawed and am planning to make that into meatballs- maybe meatball sandwiches for tonight. I have some provolone to put on top...

This week I have $35 for groceries and another $12 for dog food, altho it's not that much $ and I do have a coupon for it.... but $35 for a quick trip to aldi but $4 of it will be flowers. I need mostly dairy producs, a few staples and maybe some fresh fruit and veggies...

Tonight kids go to their dads for the night.

Yesterday I got to the consignement shop (finally) but the lady was being super picky.... she only took about 5 of the 25 things I brought... I might try Once Upon a Child again, they are close to my Xs house for when I have to drop off the kids... and at least you get your $ right away...

I'm gearing up for July... it's looking rough. As I mentioned unemployment ended, I have a $200 car repair coming, car tax, and vacation plus oldest DS B-day- he is turning 17..... I have money budgeted for his present but have not ordered it yet. Then in early Aug my 6 months car insurance is due, ouch! So I am looking for all ways to bring in some extra $.

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