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Iced tea recipes

July 5 2012 at 7:46 AM
BethannM  (Login BethannM)

We've succeeded at great iced tea, so thought I'd share.

Sweet Tea

2 quarts water in 4 quart sauce pan
7 tea bags (Aldi tea bags are $1.98 for 100 bags, and it turns out great)
gallon jug with 1 quart water and ice in bottom
1 1/3 cups sugar

Bring the two quarts water to a full boil. Shut off the burner and put the tea bags in the water. Steep for five minutes. (Use a timer.) I use a slotted spoon to shove the bags down on occasion during the five minutes. Measure the sugar into the pitcher with ice water in the bottom. Mix well. At exactly five minutes, remove the tea bags and pour the hot tea into the ice cold water in the pitcher. Add more cold water and/or ice to fill to two quarts. Refrigerate. Serve over ice!

Iced Peppermint Tea ('cause I don't like unsweetened regular tea!)

I'm not a huge water-drinker, and I really like to chew gum. But gum is a no-no on the Whole30. So, I make peppermint iced tea! Here's how:
4 bags meijer organics peppermint tea (or whatever brand you like)
about a quart of water in a two quart sauce pan
two quart pitcher, 1/4 full of ice and cold water

Bring the water in the sauce pan to a boil. Add the tea bags, turn off the burner, and put a lid on the pan. Let steep for 10 full minutes. I use a timer. Remove the tea bags. Pour the hot tea into the ice water in the bottom of your pitcher. Add more cold water to make 2 quarts. Refrigerate. Easy! I drink this all day long. It helps me stay properly hydrated without any artificial anything and without sugar, and helps to take care of all the extra garlic and onion breath from eating healthy!


Matthew 6:33

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