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July 21 2012 at 8:32 AM

Sharon  (Login Tesoru2)
The Frugalista Files

Response to FS July Day 20, Friday

Was something in the cosmic line up yesterday??

It was my birthday and my Evil Sister in Law with her son (both are visiting from the USA), told me they were going to cook me a birthday dinner. I got an apt for the two weeks that the son is here, from a friend at a very cheap price and he wanted to thank me by preparing a dinner for me. After discussing what I would like to eat...waffles and fruit salad..they decided to cook chicken in a pot with wine sauce. Hey, I can't object to everything so I said OK. Well birthday was yesterday and they FORGOT. I sorta went ballistic. It was not just the chicken in the pot but a build up of disrespect over things I have done for them over the years. No words back and forth. I made my statement and asked for no response. No excuses, no feeble suggesting I was at fault. I just am finished. The ESIL is staying in the family home across the street. This should be amusing. Trying to make light of it but I am mega angry and mega hurt.

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