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I really don't stay in one store long enough to need food and water!!

August 20 2012 at 9:43 AM
PJ  (Login ruralgirl)
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Response to 5 tips for thrift shopping

But maybe you guys go to bigger thrift stores than me!! LOL I like to go with money in my pocket, no purse to have to wag around and possible loose. I do have a drink in the car, but not on me, in case I'm in town a few hours, grocery shopping, visiting or whatever. And I do have hand sanitizer that I use once I get in the car. Here, you can grab a plastic basket at the door and put stuff in, instead of carrying your own bag. Instead of bringing your heels, why not just grab a pair off the shelf (thrift stores have tons of them) and use them, it wouldn't really matter if they fit you, you just need them for height and you can put them back after your done trying on clothes.

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