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FS March Day 24-saturday

March 24 2012 at 4:03 AM

sheila  (Login SheilaPCT)
The Frugalista Files

It's saturday! Yesterday turned into a lot of running.... Today looks like it might be as well. Right now, what I know about is a 9:30 hair cut that I am going to go do, and bring the kids to their dads. Other than that I need to fill out the paper work on that Blue Rhino class action, change my sheets and make a roast Sticky Chicken for dinner....

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(Login CTMOMto4)
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March 24 2012, 4:43 AM 

Since I did my big shopping/stock up last weekend, I am "free" this weekend for the normal routine: baking, cleaning, cooking. I am trying to get some laundry out on the line this morning as the forecast is predicting showers by this evening. Right now, it's seasonably mild, sunny. I have quick soaked a double batch (2 lbs worth) of pea and navy beans (mixed-1/2 lb of pea beans were given to me, the rest are larger, navy beans that I already owned) to try a new recipe today, for "Campbell's pork beans" type beans. See my blog for the recipe. I have 2 posted there, but am trying the first one, that uses a cornstarch slurry at the end. Not sure if I'll use the large crockpot or just oven bake them.

I need to switch over my clothes (with this week's unusually warm, June like weather, I've already been pulling my Spring/Summer clothes out of my storage bin). Time to put away the corduroys, woolens, darker colored tops.

Need to mail order some RX, which saves me 1 month's worth of a co-pay (used to be 2 month's worth) but still a savings, none the less.

Need to bake 2 loaves of bread in my ABM's, some cookies need to be made and I am thinking some cupcakes, too. Using what's on hand to do so.

Upcoming week will require purchasing some milk; the trash needs to be run across town to the transfer station, hopefully STBX will deal with that (I had asked him to do it yesterday).
Have a good day!

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(Login momtoelibet)
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Quiet day...

March 24 2012, 6:26 AM 

The kids are still at a sleepover and DH is sleeping so I am enjoying some rare peace and quiet. I need to finish painting the kitchen walls today. I finished the first coat yesterday and I am pleased so far. I also hope to get the primer on the table and maybe curtains cut out if I am really ambitious.

DH received a $50 gift card for signing up with a conference calling service so we will be using that to do something fun tonight, probably out to dinner.

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Sandy in NJ
(Login SandyinMI)
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expensive day

March 24 2012, 6:38 AM 

We had two tires put on the van and the brakes done. Ouch. And now the car is there for brakes too. We've had issues with the van tires for awhile, and the car brakes for awhile so we decided to just get the pain over all at once.

Yesterday I took 4 bags of ds's outgrown clothing and shoes to Goodwill. I was planning on having a garage sale during the city-wide sale, but then I would miss the city-wide sale. And you all know that's not going to happen. Plus I had so little in the way of other stuff that it didn't make sense to sit out there all day and make the same amount as we would get with the tax credit by donating. We did a very thorough decluttering before we moved so there just isn't that much extra stuff around. I do have books to donate to the school and the library sale too, and I've been selling those online too.

This morning I called the power company to fix a billing error. They read the meter wrong and charged us 1000kwh over what it should have been. I was very surprised to see a $300+ bill instead of a $150ish or less bill. The customer service person said to estimate the correct amount and it will be fixed with the next reading.

Frugal fun today - we're going to a 200th anniversary celebration at the natural history museum. We have a reciprocal membership with another museum so we'll get in free. We'll have to pay to park and that's it. If we leave soon we can hit the Italian Market in Philly for cheap produce too.

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