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FS Day May 19

May 19 2012 at 12:16 AM
Stacey  (Login Stacey_K)
The Frugalista Files

Back home after 16 days! whew! Had my laptop, new DLSR camera, phone, prescription sunglasses (about $360) and some other odds and ends stolen on day one of the trip, so I spent half the trip it seems like trying to change passwords, coordinate with people in other time zones, set up fraud alerts, etc. Later today or tomorrow I'm going to go try to convince AT&T to give me a discount on a new phone. I'm less than one year into a contract with them, and from what I've read online I'll have two options - 1) buy a phone at full price and pay to activate it on my current contract, or 2) pay the ETF to end my current contract and then get a reduced price on a new phone and a new contract. We'll see. I'm thinking I may have to visit one of the stores like GameStop or a Cell Service shop that sells refurbished phones, pick one up for around $150-200, and then pay to have it activated on my contract.

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(Login SheilaPCT)
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May 19 2012, 4:23 AM 


It's gonna be a busy one for me... my kids and I are going to a free day at a Park here in our state, they usually charge admission and parking $, but it's part of the "No Child Left Inside" inisiative and it's all free today. We went to another one of these a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun- we got free T-shirts and they had all kinds of activities. It's about an hour away from here so I will be spending gas. I'll be packing our lunches and bringing them. After this activity I have to run my son to a B-day party and then to my parents for the night... so it's gonna be a busy day of driving all over the place!

I did thaw some beef and yesterday bought some mushrooms and corn on the cob- that (plus veggie) will be dinner here tonight.

Allergies are kicking my butt.... I've been doing good up till now. Last night I took some (generic!) Benadryl at bedtime to help me and it seems to a little.

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(Premier Login MaxineS)

Welcome home, Stacey!

May 19 2012, 6:15 AM 

Bummer about your stuff getting stolen! Do you have any insurance that would cover that? How about your employer, since you were working.

The plumber charged us $139 yesterday. The leaking pipe had been cut too short to begin with and didn't have enough glue on it. It broke apart in the plumber's hand when he touched it. It's a miracle it worked for 14 years for us. Now we have a hole to fix in the basement ceiling.

We took the walk-behind weed eater and my Troy-Bilt mini-tiller to the small engine repair shop yesterday. We won't get them back for nearly 3 weeks! DH bought the part for our stick weed eater and says he will fix it himself. Having all of our equipment work at once will be a luxury we've probably NEVER had before. No illusions it will last, though.

I am up early today. Now that I can run water through the sink, I'm taking this opportunity to clean my kitchen (already loaded the DW). I'm also finishing drying the clothes I washed last night. I might even throw in another load. I've got a couple of hours before I have to leave to take DD to Special Olympics and me to the AAUW spring meeting. We are going to the cabin as soon as we are done and coming back Monday morning in time for DD to go to work.

This is the weekend we have to come to a final decision about the exterior paint colors of the cabin. The house is probably going to get painted next week. We are looking at taupe for the main color, cream trim (matches garage door) and dark green for the doors, etc. I would like something more "rustic" than taupe, but DH likes it, and it does look nice with the gray deck on the porch. This weekend we will be moving all of DH's tools to the garage, and then I can get some cleaning done. I need to spray the weeds, too. Just didn't get to it last weekend.

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(Login KimAB)
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Date night last night...

May 19 2012, 7:32 AM 

we went out for buffet supper with DS #2. It isn't REALLY a date if you go out with a kid, but he is the youngest and hasn't had much opportunity to go out - especially without siblings. DS #1 is an 'adult volunteer' with the army cadet corps and they are doing field training exercises in the provincial park for four days. DD was out with her friend as she always is on Friday night. They rent movies and eat assorted GF food. The friend has a sister with Asperger's so they really GET her and she gets them...

Anyway- we went out for buffet. It is not dh's favourite... but I was hoping to eat ginger beef... "all you can eat" ginger beef, but there was none. :-|

Then we went to the hospital lottery show home. It was okay- not my idea of a dream home, but they never are! This year the decoration theme was Victorian whorehouse...IMO. I did like the bar in the basement. It was an old counter top piece that had been built in. There were opinions on whether it was built in or not, but I did like that. [linked image]

Of course there were not enough bedrooms. There was one that was VERY obviously the master bedroom and ensuite with double sinks and TV IN THE MIRRORS. =8-o

Then there was a furry white glitter rug in the living room. I told ds that it looked like a two year old and a dog rolled on it with a bottle of glitter and mud from the back yard and that was as clean as you could get it. It really did.

There was a bit of a beach theme which is pretty ridiculous on the prairie... but I liked the cement shower with little jewels and shells in it. I think it would have been nice with less of that, though.

[linked image] Okay- parents of teenagers... who would you put in this bedroom? This is the only bedroom on the main floor and on the other side of the house from the master. Notice any FLAW in the room's design? =8-o

So we bought three tickets and 5 for the 50/50 draw. That house is proof that money can't buy taste or class- just like every year. We were the only ones that weren't thrilled with it.

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(Login TxNet)

Picture is kind of small for my old eyes, but

May 19 2012, 7:54 AM 

I can see it is near a door and window. Is that a deck or the front door?

The road to success is always under construction.

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(Login KimAB)
The Frugalista Files

It's a deck nt

May 19 2012, 5:20 PM 

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(Login 2catsmom)
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A fun day ahead!

May 19 2012, 9:05 AM 

My sister and niece are due sometime today to pick up some family heirlooms and to visit and see our new home. Sister is severely allergic to cats, so the home tour will be short. We do not know what they have planned, They are spending the night in a hotel nearby. I haven't seem them in a couple of years. Now they are just a few short hours away, so we hope to see them more often.

Still gotta shower. Then some housework. Mop and vacuum.

So excited.


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